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Thank you for considering me as your photographer. I know you have a lot of other options.

What You Get

You get a photographer with more than 25 years of professional experience who's comfortable behind the camera -meaning what's in front of me gets my full attention. You also get access to high-quality photography equipment, expressive and artistic renderings, and fast turnarounds.

My photography combines two of my life-long interests: to create stand-out, artistic observational photos and storytelling. My work with equity-based organizations like Habitat for Humanity, The Carter Center, Cooperative Coffees, Cafe Campesino, Mayan Families, and others fulfills another important part of my life; to make the world a better place by bringing attention to underserved communities.

I also consult with and teach non-profit and charitable organizations how to improve their own visual storytelling.

And, I dabble in Fine Art Photography. 

Video Production

A consultation is requested for video shoots. 

Contact Scott

If you have any questions or if you would like references, let me know:
415-109-6320 (MX cell)
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